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Taiwan Lily Justice Association (TLJA), an NGO in Taiwan. TLJA was established in 2016 and obtained registration and got the certificate from the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan in 2019. The purpose of the TLJA is to protect the safety of the people in Taiwan.

In order to maintain political neutrality, the TLJA has not accepted donations from the government or any political organization in the past five years. The TLJA is dedicated to national security, medical system, energy policy, and fighting for justice for the victims of Taiwan.

Why did we named us “Taiwan Lily Association”─

This association cherishes the native flora and fauna of Taiwan very much, but it is very embarrassing that the Formosan clouded leopard has disappeared, and there are only a few black bears in Taiwan.

Now only the native Taiwan Lily is still blooming in the mountains and forests. Its pure and tough will is the value pursued by the association. So the association is named after Taiwan Lily.

The List of Discovered Scandals by Taiwan Lily Justice Association (TLJA)

June 2021 –

After the Alpha virus invaded Taiwan in May, TLJA conducted an international vaccine survey and noticed the characteristics of Vietnam’s epidemic prevention and vaccinated strategy for the mutant virus, Alpha. Therefore, we publicly appeal to the Taiwan government to stop doing “political epidemic prevention” and learn from Vietnam as soon as possible. The government and the people should work together to fight for vaccines.

April 2021 –

In order to protect the holiness of Christianity – After a year of investigation, TLJA held a press conference in April 2021 and released a number of evidences to exposed Pastor Xin-liang Chen and other pastors. They were involved in an unethical behavior of the election of director-general of The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan in 2020. They set up a number of companies privately, used their power to parasitize hospitals, and earned huge profits and exploited the labors in order to seek personal gains. TLJA successfully prevented Pastor Xin-liang Chen from re-appointing the chairman of Changhua Christian Hospital on April 21, 2021.

January 2021 –

Ju-ren Lee, the principal of the Christian Mackay Medical School and the attending physician of Mackay Hospital. According to our investigation, he openly accepted the money from he’s patients and bullied the senior female professors. In order to maintain the morality and honor of the medical profession, TLJA held a press conference to explain how these actions will corrupt the medical ethics and the board of directors should be removed from his position immediately.

October 2020 –

Regarding the major information released by TYC in stock market transactions, the company mentioned that the lawsuit has been completely rejected. TLJA once again formally held a press conference to disclose the official documents of the California court on this matter, showing that what TYC said was not completely truth. TLJA also send a letter of complaint to the financial management committee, the Securities and Futures Bureau and other competent authorities, hoping that relevant units can punish them in accordance with the law.

June 2020 –

The Chairman of this association, Mr. Hsu Shao-Chan, was invited to attend the 0206 Financial Justice Public Hearing of the Taiwan National Assembly as a crime prevention expert. He expressed his opposition to the use of “no evidence of crime” by administrative units such as the Securities and Futures Bureau of the Financial Services Commission, which made the victims of 0206-related incidents lose the opportunity to get justice.

June 2020 –

In recent years, Changhua Christian Hospital has aggressively promoted the Chinese medical market. It has made a lot of RMB without declare honestly. The flow of huge profits in the past five years in unknown, and the Christian churches and hospitals have suffered heavy losses. TLJA reported that the members of this board of directors were involved in crimes of Breach of Trust and false publications in their business.

May 2020 –

As a crime prevention expert, Mr. Hsu Shao-Chan was invited to attend the TRF Dispute and Financial Justice Public Hearing of the Taiwan National Assembly to express suggestions on TRF economic crime incidents. He solemnly declares and opposes the review center’s arbitration bias toward banks and ignores TRF Victim’s rights.

April 2020 –

For the past three years, the Taiwanese government has been seeking international allies to support Taiwan in joining the WHO as an observer at the WHO conference. This is completely wrong. Because China can control more than 55% of the WHO. Taiwan’s better approach will be seeking the support of 18 countries in the WHO Executive Committee. This will be a better strategy.

October 2019 –

TLJA exposed Taiwan’s most cruel financial and economic crimes in recent years. The victims amounted to about 5,000 people and the damage is about NT$5 billion. The FSC (The Financial Regulatory Commission) seriously neglected its duties, and the upper-level government officials escorted criminal syndicates.

August 2019 –

The financial management is protecting Citibank! Citibank’s various derelictions of duty are only fined lightly. Compared with the US government, in order to protect the rights and interests of the people, the Taiwan government’s policy of heavy penalties for bank negligence is escort and indulgence. The people of Taiwan reasonably suspect that Chairman Li-xiong Gu is seriously negligent.

August 2019 –

The FSC (The Financial Regulatory Commission) is not the organizer of the land expropriation, but amended the law to allow 14 banks’ AMCs to change their names to sell and speculate on the actual land under the name of unreal land expropriation. This is a direct violation of the “Safe Housing Project”, and the DDP government flagrantly violated the law.

August 2019 –

The FSC (The Financial Regulatory Commission) hastily finalized the pure online banking and approved three pure online banking operations without crisis control related laws. If a major information security incident or excessive borrowing by the people causes serious bad debts, the financial system will be in chaos and causes social unrest. Who will be responsible for the harm to the country and the people at that time?

July 2021 –

After the EVA Air strike and harmed the rights of hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese travelers and lost billions of dollars in the related tourism industry, TLJA determined that this was not a simple strike and decided to intervene and directly face the three dark forces behind the union. One week after TLJA intervened, the strike ended.

June 2019 –

When it is possible to use the health insurance payment of NT$30,000 for an operation, but it cost NT$200,000? TLJA sued 9 doctors from Mackay Hospital for fraudulent collection of health insurance premiums for da Vinci surgical System.

June 2019 –

The Hsinchu City Government was involved in a BOT case involving violations of laws and disciplines. TLJA and residents of Hsinchu City seriously protested. On June 18, 2019, the Land Expropriation Committee of the Ministry of the Interior returned the plan for review.

May 2019 –

Yuanshan Pumen Hospital stole the Mackay Hospital trademark and suspected forgery of documents. On May 3, 2019, TLJA filed a criminal complaint against Dr. Ren-xiu Pan, Dr. Hong-yuan Wang, Dr. Bon-en Liu, Dr. Ju-ren Lee, Dr. Shou-quan Shi and others.

April 2019 –

The evil forces of the Liu faction of Mackay Hospital have been interfering with the election of the President of the General Dean in the past six months, and launched two unsuitable candidates to compete for the director. After TLJA strongly blocked them, they finally elected the President of the Non-Liu faction on April 11, 2019.

April 2019 –

NCC chairperson Ting-yi Zhan resigned as chairperson under pressure from all parties and after persuasion by TLJA.

March 2019 –

Due to the constant fake news in the past two years, NCC chairperson Ting-yi Zhan has never done anything and was suspected of escorting the consortium. TLJA raised the chairman’s suspicion of accomplices and various doubts, and asked her to resign.

February 2019 –

Because our association successfully blocked the Ministry of Health and Welfare Act 312 (Methods for blood donation for high-risk groups of AIDS and drug addicts), the Ministry of Health and Welfare became irritated. The Joint Blood Foundation and the fact-checking center planted and discredited TLJA and use fake news to attack TLJA. Therefore, in February 2019, TLJA went to the Taipei Prefectural Procuratorate to file a criminal complaint against Minister Shi-zhong Chen and other 6 people.

January 2019 –

To fight for justice for the TRF victims, TLJA assisted the victims to file criminal complaints against the senior officials of Taipei Fubon Bank.

September 2018 –

The FSC agrees that the bank will resell TRF high-risk products, which will cause another wave of major harm to Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises. It is obviously they were selling TRF banks for profit. TLJA went to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office to sue Li-xiong Gu, the chairman of the Financial Management Committee.

July 2018 –

TLJA went to the Supervisory Yuan to report sentiment to impeach six officials including Minister Shi-zhong Chen, the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

July 2018 –

Because of the efforts of TLJA, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced the amendment to “Homosexual men and drug addicts can donate blood” has been suspended. Our association has successfully protected the safety of blood transfusions for the people of Taiwan.

July 2018 –

TLJA assisted the victim’s family members to hold a press conference and inform them about the death case caused by blood transfusion in Cheng-Gong University Hospital.

June 2018 –

TLJA requires the Ministry of Health and Welfare to immediately withdraw the amendment of “Homosexual men and drug addicts can donate blood.”

March 2018 –

The Ministry of Health and Welfare issued a document confirming that they removed the chairman of Mackay Hospital Bonn Liu from the board directors.

February 2018 –

TLJA requested the former director of Mackay, Wen-da Qiu, to resign as a director of Mackay (which resigned after two weeks).

February 2018 –

Because the Mackay Hospital’s board of directors was suspected of legally taking the Christian hospital’s property, TLJA sued them and the hospital’s senior officials for illegally setting up three companies for breach of trust.

January 2018 –

The Presbyterian Church will suspend the chairman of Mackay Hospital, Bo-en Liu.

December 2017 –

Exposing several malpractices and scandals of the Christian Mackay Hospital Board of Directors.

February 2017 –

TLJA discloses the price of blood sold at the blood donation center, and the quality of inspection equipment and staff is poor, which is suspected of benefiting waste blood manufacturers.  

January 2017 –

TLJA announced that the blood donation center used the blood, which was donated by the people, to buy about 5 billion assets from blood sales. TLJA publicly reported fraud cases to the government and called on judicial units to investigate.

December 2016 –

After TLJA reported the malpractice, Jin-chuan Ye, chairman of the Taiwan Blood Foundation, resigned.

December 2016 –

TLJA exposed the big lie of the century and various illegal activities that the Taiwan Blood Foundation is actually a private foundation.

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