Don’t let the Bible and Dr. George Leslie Mackay’s spirit feel ashamed!


Updated 09:30 a.m. Taipei, February 6, 2023


At the end of December 2017, the chairman of Taiwan Lily Justice Association, HSU Shao-Chan, publicly denounced the senior decision makers such as Chairman LIU Po-En (who was then serving as the legal entity of Taiwan Christian Presbyterian Church’s MHMC, hereinafter referred to as MHMC), Pastor LIM Po-Shou (director of MHMC), SHIH Shou-Chuan (president of the Taipei Hospital District of MHMC) and CHANG Wen-Han (vice president of the Taipei Hospital District), who had privately established MH Global Biotechnology Co.

After investigation by the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, the company was charged under Article 35, Paragraph 2 of the Medical Care Act. (The amount of investment in a single company by a medical corporation shall not exceed 20% of the paid-up capital of the company.) The company’s trademark rights were pledged to MH Global Corporation and MH Management Corporation, and these two companies invested in the establishment of the company, allowing MH Medical Corporation to obtain 20% of the shares each, which is not a prohibited act under the Medical Law. This is not prohibited by the medical law. After the Taiwan Lily Justice Association uncovered the malpractice, the three companies were immediately dissolved. Since no harm has occurred to the corporation, the court ruled not to file a lawsuit in the legal area.

HSU Shao-Chan said about the actions of LIU Po-En and others: “Although LIU Po-En, CHANG Wen-Han and others have escaped legal sanctions, it does not mean that the defendants have no criminal intent and behavior!” HSU Shao-Chan believes that the word “Mackay” represents a hundred-year-old of medical institutions. LIU Po-En, CHANG Wen-Han and others are in a religious institution with a sacred mission. Not only did they fail to evade their interests, but instead set up a private company and used the trademark “Mackay” for NT$400,000. Their intentions are obvious.

On February 13, 2018, the Taiwan Presbyterian Church held a meeting to address the continued disposition of the case of the director of the Mackay Medical Corporation (MMC), LIU Po-En. 40 members attended the meeting on that day and supported the penalty of discipline and dismissal of LIU Po-En, which was approved by a majority of 36 votes. In addition, the Taiwan Presbyterian Church in 2019 passed the case of the 17th board of directors of Mackay Hospital for administrative negligence, because the establishment of three companies and the cooperation with Yilan Medical Institution were not included in the 17th board of directors of Mackay Hospital, and the resolution was passed with a “report” instead. Therefore, it was resolved that SHIH Shou-Chuan should not continue to act as the President of the Hospital and CHANG Wen-Han should not be the President of the Hospital.

“The total cost of medicines and medicinal materials purchased by the four hospitals affiliated to Mackay Hospital in 2021 will be as high as NT$8.7 billion. This is very eye-catching!” Taiwan Lily Justice Association learned of the LIU Po-En case at the end of 2022. The intention to influence the members of the board of directors of Mackay Hospital is to change the vice president of CHANG Wen-Han to the chief president. In addition, CHANG Wen-Han is the vice president promoted by LIU Po-En, which inevitably arouses doubts from the association. And at the end of January 2023, the board of directors of Mackay Hospital decided to nominate three vice presidents including CHANG Wen-Han, who will participate in the election of the chief president..

In response to the above matter, HSU Shao-Chan said that the people of Taiwan will definitely feel disgraceful if the members of the board of directors of the religious hospital hold the Bible in their right hand and receive dirty money in their left hand. Therefore, Taiwan Lily Justice Association appeals to the General Assembly of Christ Presbyterian Church and its executive committee members to teach the recommended members of the board of directors of MCH not to let the Bible and the spirit of Dr. George Leslie Mackay feel ashamed.

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