You Can’t Escape God’s Sanctions

TLJA would like to ask the following people:

  • The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, Director-General Chen Hsin-liang (Former Chairman of Changhua Christian Hospital)
  • Unemployed Doctor, Kuo Shou-Jen (Former President of Changhua Christian Hospital)
  • Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, Chen Hsiu-Chu Chief Operating Officer (Former Vice President of Changhua Christian Hospital)
  • Changhua Christian Hospital, Vice President Chan Tien-min
  1. Do you think that accountants and senior officials of the Ministry of Health and Welfare covered up for you, then it’ll be legal to provide made up financial reports?
  2. For more than 7 years from 2014 to 2020, under the name of Changhua Christian Hospital, the income received from signing, operating, and counseling hospitals in China, why hasn’t it returned to Taiwan? Why hasn’t it appeared in the financial report?
  3. Changhua Christian Hospital has earned hundreds of millions of RMB in revenue in China for many years, but seems like it disappeared for no reason. May we ask these four people, where did these huge sums of money go?
  4. Over the years, what role has Hong Kong FAR EAST HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT LIMITED played in the flow of money?
  5. After Changhua Christian Hospital terminates its cooperative business in China in 2021, will the previous actions be legal? Do you know the definition of criminal offenses and accomplices in the law?

Taiwan Lily Justice Association
Chairman Hsu Shao Chan
October 8th, 2021

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