Taiwan Lily Justice Association

Taiwan Lily Justice Association

Brief Introduction

Taiwan Lily Justice Association (TLJA) is an NGO in Taiwan. TLJA was established in 2016, obtained registration and got the certificate from the Ministry of the Interior of Taiwan in 2019. The purpose of the TLJA is to protect the safety of the people in Taiwan.

To maintain political neutrality, the TLJA hasn’t accepted donations from the government or any political organization in the past five years. The TLJA is dedicated to national security, medical system, energy policy and fighting for justice for the victims of Taiwan.

  1. The Honor of Successfully Fighting Against COVID-19 By Lying and Deceiving
  • In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has begun to ravage the world and the number of infections in Taiwan is extremely low. The government kept boasting that the effectiveness of their border control is the best in the world, but in fact it’s not the case.
    Taiwan was about to hold a presidential election in January 2020 and China’s government did not allow their tourists to go to Taiwan since November 2019 in attempt to influence Taiwan’s democratic elections. Therefore, at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, while infected Chinese tourists were traveling around the world, there were no Chinese tourists in Taiwan at that time-God Bless Taiwan.

  • The Taiwanese government concealed the truth about the epidemic. To create “a succession of days with zero local infection” in Taiwan, the National Health Command Center (NHCC) and the Ministry of Health and Welfare secretly modified the conditions for community infection in early 2020. As a result, it makes it very difficult to meet the conditions of local community infection.
    In terms of border control measures, the NHCC not only insisted staying at home for 14 days is enough to prevent the spread of the virus, but also insisted that as long as there are no symptoms for 14 days, the people can move around freely without a PCR negative test.

  • In 2020, many epidemic prevention experts suggested that the government should have followed foreign practices and implement rapid screening and PCR test to detect the infected immediately. However, the NHCC led by Shih-Chung Chen insisted that county governments and the private sector were not allowed to carry out screening and can only follow the central government’s guidelines.
    Epidemic investigation reports were considered as classified information and must not go public. Anyone who disobeys these orders will be bring to justice.
    The people in Taiwan have awakened just now. It turns out that if there is no screening, no local cases will be found.
    Could it be that Taiwan’s world record of 253 days of “zero local case infection” in 2020 was created by the government who’s hiding the truth?

  • Here is a terrible fact to announced to the world:
    A large number of infections with the Alpha variant virus broke out in Taiwan in May 2021. The Taipei City Government ignored the central government’s ban and began to establish Taiwan’s first rapid screening station on May 14, 2021.
    Subsequently, the New Taipei City Government also followed up with both rapid and PCR screening. Starting from June 19, 2021, Taiwan could start home fast screening, and on July 2, 2021, Taiwan’s airports could start to do general screening.
    Facing the outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020, the Taiwanese government finally allowed local governments and the private sectors to use the most helpful tools to prevent the epidemic after one and a half year!
    Under the erroneous epidemic policy of these vile officials led by Shih-Chung Chen, without strong medical and health insurance system, well-trained and dedicated 330,000 medical staff, Taiwan would have suffered heavily from COVID-19 long ago. Plus, Taiwanese people’s highly self-disciplined cooperation helped the epidemic prevention.

2. The tragedy of vaccines in Taiwan: The evil government

Countries donated vaccines to Taiwan

Countries donated vaccines to Taiwan (already obtained August 10, 2021)

  • Taiwan’s Congress has already allocated all the US$1.2 billion budget for the purchase of vaccines to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, but till August 10, 2021, the government has only received about 3.75 million doses of the purchased vaccines.
    The Executive Yuan NHCC lists vaccine procurement as a state secret, and even the Legislative Yuan cannot review it. This is impossible in any country, and it seriously undermines the legal system in Taiwan. However, no one in Taiwan dares to hold The Premier of Executive Tseng-Chang Su and the Minister of Health and Welfare Dr. Shih-Chung Chen to judicial and political responsibilities because it will challenge the presidential place.

The number of people vaccinated till August 10, 2021

  • To cover up its incompetent vaccine policy, the government created a dosage calculation method that no government in the world would use (the first dose plus the second dose equals the population coverage rate).
    According to international standards after two doses of vaccination, till August 10, 2021, the population coverage rate of Taiwan is only 2.21%. However, on July 29, 2021, the DPP government announced that the coverage rate of the vaccinated population in Taiwan will reach 30.64%, and the number of doses injected will reach 31.96%.
    The total population of Taiwan is about 23.5 million people, but there are only 9.64 million doses of imported vaccines, and only 520,000 people have received the second dose.
    The government is playing word games, creating international illusions, and once again using government agencies and media to brainwash the people of Taiwan to believe that DPP government has made a great anti-epidemic achievement!

  • To create the government’s opportunistic political achievement, Shih-Chung Chen cited WHO’s press recommendations for developing countries as a cover. On July 12, 2021, the NHCC ordered the interval between the first and second dose of the Modena vaccine to be as long as possible, up to 12 weeks. This is an approach that has no scientific basis at all.
    The original copy of Modena vaccine clearly stated that the second dose should be given 28 days after the first dose. As a result, after the first dose of the Modena vaccine donated by the United States, there are 2.74 million people in Taiwan without second dose. I implore the U.S. government and Modena Corporation to pay attention to this serious problem!

  • By the time this article is published, the people of Taiwan there are no longer had imported safe vaccines to vaccinate. However, tens of thousands of government officials and people from two private vaccine companies have already vaccinated of imported safe vaccines.
    Now, Taiwanese people will be forced to take the “domestic vaccines”, produced by a Taiwanese company called the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. This vaccine doesn’t have international certification and proof of protection. How can the DPP government treat people so cruelly?

  • Evil government official-Taiwan’s private vaccine company.
    On June 10, 2021, the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp released the second phase of the vaccine’s mid-term experimental analysis report, but The Ministry of Health and Welfare led by Minister Shih-Chung Chen already announced the procurement of 500 million dose of the Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp vaccine on May 31, 2021. But the truth is The Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp vaccine will not be able to fully complete the Phase II clinical trial results until October 2021. The Ministry of Health and Welfare approved the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for The Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp vaccines on July 19,2021, which do not meet the international standard procedures for “immune-bridging”.
    After that, they also announced on July 25, 2021, that The Medigen Vaccine Biologics Crop vaccine is now includes in publicly funded vaccine from the government and is ready to be vaccinated.
    Which government in the world dare to be this blatant and cover up for the manufacturer?

  • The government’s erroneous anti-epidemic policy has caused the people to die in vain. During the COVID-19 outbreak in Taiwan in May and June this year, the number of deaths in Taiwan increased by 4582 compared with the same period in last year. This is an abnormal data.
    ENCC Deputy Commander Zongyan Chen claimed on June 18, 2021, that the increase in deaths was due to the effects of aging. If the death data occurred in the winter, it would be understandable for 4582 deaths. However, in May and June, there were a large number of thousands of deaths.
    This is something that never happened before in Taiwan’s history.
    This NGO has reasonable doubts: the government officials collectively created a “falsified death data” during this epidemic.

The Taiwan government blocked private procurement of vaccines and donations

★Taiwanese people thank the 4 units including TSMC, Hon Hai Company, Yongling Foundation, Tzu Chi Foundation for purchasing and donating a total of 15 million doses of BNT vaccine to the people on their own. They helped 7.5 million people in Taiwan.
Although they were obstructed by the government and criticized by the media and Internet forces during the application process, they still overcame all difficulties. This kind of spirit is really admirable!

★The main reasons why the Taiwanese government obstructed private donation of vaccines:

  • Taiwanese private purchases for BNT are US$30 per dose. The government purchases the BNT vaccine but is costs US$45 per dose (which failed after). This makes the people of Taiwan see the greed and corruption of government officials.

  • In the past six months, the government used the government agencies and a large number of media to brainwashing Taiwanese people: Taiwan could not buy vaccines because of various reasons such as overbought by large countries, interference from China, lack of stock in the market, and other reasons to deceive the people. However, the 4 units that donated the vaccine this time completed the contract with the original BNT manufacturer within one month after receiving the government authorization, and the original manufacturer also promised to start delivering vaccines to Taiwan in batches two months later.
    The people of Taiwan scold the DPP government as a scam group!

4.Taiwan, as an important economic partner of the world

  • Taiwan Straits and airspace are an important route in shipping and aviation in the Asia-Pacific region. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, there were about 223,000 foreign aircraft passing through Taiwan’s Flight Information Region (FIR) each year, and about 132,000 ships sailing in the surrounding waters. If this channel is cut off, the sea and air transportation of many countries will have to be diverted to the east of Taiwan, causing a sharp increase in voyage and fuel expenses. Therefore, Taiwan’s security has a significant impact on the Asia-Pacific region and the global economy.

  • Taiwan is one of the world’s scientific and technological center, especially its wafer foundry technology is leading the world in this industry. Its 5nm process chips have been mass-produced. TSMC has a global market share of more than 50%. More than that, Taiwan’s overall wafer foundry industry has a market share of more than 60%! If production is reduced due to the negative impact of war or epidemic and other factors, it will seriously affect the global supply of chips, and then cause a serious blow to the world economy and technology industries!

  • According to a report by the Taiwan Central News Agency on July 16, 2021, “TSMC founder Morris Chang represented President Ing-wen Tsai at the informal leadership meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and raised the issue of vaccines. He clearly stated that Taiwan, like many other APEC members, needs to get more vaccines as soon as possible.

    Chairman Morris Chang is a national entrepreneur in Taiwan, the high-quality chips produced by TSMC have gained a worldwide reputation. In order to protect Taiwan’s technology industry and people’s lives, he decided to tell the truth to the world. The frankness of Chairman Morris Chang is the pride of all the Taiwanese people.

5.Taiwan as an important partner of the U.S. and Pacific countries

  • Since the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, Taiwan and the United States have become important military strategic partners. Taiwan is at the center of the defense of the first island chain. If a breach occurs, the navy and air force of PLA will be able to enter the Pacific Ocean to threat the west coast of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific countries.
    Taiwan has implemented compulsory military service system since 1950. In the past 70 years, every male citizen has put on military uniforms and a gun on his back to protect Taiwan bravely.

  • From 2004 to 2020, Taiwan has spent approximately US$45 billion on US military purchases to strengthen its national defense and its first island chain defense line. PAVE PAWS (Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System) in Taiwan was completed in 2013, with a search range of 4,000 kilometers to provide early warning functions for long-range missiles.
    Taiwan’s defense only needs to be equipped with a long-range radar which can search for 1,500 kilometers. Therefore, the PAVE PAWS radar is designed to ensure the security of Pacific countries and the United States.

  • If a war breaks out between the United States and China, after China launched an intercontinental missile, Taiwan will supply PAVE PAWS radar. It can provide real-time information to the United States and the other countries to increase response time and reduce casualties.
    However, Taiwan will therefore become China’s primary attack target. In addition, the radar construction cost about US$1.37 billion, and the maintenance cost is as high as US$78 million per year. The construction cost and annual maintenance fee of this radar stations are paid by the tax of all Taiwanese people. Thus, this shows Taiwan’s contribution and importance to the safety of the American people.

6.We make a plea for the U.S. government help to provide emergency vaccine assistance

The U.S. government values friendship with Taiwan. In June 2021, the U.S. government humanitarian provided 2.5 million doses of Modena vaccine to Taiwan. We can’t thank the US enough for their kindness. However, at the time of the publication of this paper, the Taiwanese government might not have a safe and effective vaccine for the people.
Because of the government inefficient policy, it ended up not having enough BNT vaccine for Taiwanese. The next three months from August will be the most dangerous period in Taiwan. As long as a mutated virus invades, Taiwan will suffer heavy casualties.
Taiwan Lily Justice Association hereby implore President Biden of the United States to assist the military strategic partner-Taiwan, with 8 million doses of vaccine as an emergency project, because now only the US government has the ability to support 8 million doses of Modena vaccine for the people of Taiwan.
We hereby publicly implore members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives and all U.S. citizens and hope you can help us and ask President Biden to approve the emergency assistance to the Taiwanese vaccine project, because this is a life-saving vaccine for our compatriots.
If this project can succeed, it will also be a win-win situation for international interests, US interests, and Taiwan’s security!

God Bless America.


In Taiwan, the typical education is to encourage us to be honest and kind citizens. We don’t need to cheat or lie in exchange for the false political achievements of “No. 1 in epidemic prevention in the world.” We only hope that the government can use a scientific and pragmatic attitude to do a good job in epidemic prevention.

Over the past year, as we know the DDP government used various ways to manipulate the media and cheat the people, but under Nationalist governance, most people choose to be silent.
Now, thousands of compatriots died unjustly within 3 months, so I decided to stand up and resist! If the DPP government still regards the people’s lives as rags, I will publish more articles to let the world know about the various collusion cases and scandals between government and business that have occurred during the 4 years of the DPP government’s administration!
In the future, I will definitely suffer the harshest accusations from the Taiwan government, the media and cyber forces controlled by the Taiwan government. They will also launch smear attacks on me. To protect the lives of the Taiwanese, I will never regret my actions!

Because Taiwan is my hometown!

Taiwan Lily Justice Association
Chairman HSU Shao-Chan
August 16, 2021

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