Who are these Eighteen key Supports for Taiwan?

Taiwan Lily Justice Association
2020/04/13 April 13, 2020

Taiwanese can target the suppression and discredit of Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who as Director-General of the World Health Organization of the World and the People ’s Republic of China, but Taiwan ’s international space problems must be solved rationally!

This photo shows that Dr. Tedros who is the World Health Organization Secretary-General why cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to suppress Taiwan’s international space. Because he relied on the support of the CCP to obtain positions and funds. Before Xi Jinping, Dr. Tedros was only a supporting role, cooperating with China’s foreign propaganda Make. The Chinese government’s foreign publicity work long before Xi Jinping visited Wuhan. This kind of Chinese publicity work started as a victim of coronavirus for the first time, but it also publicized that China could effectively control the epidemic and would also provide humanitarian assistance worldwide.

The quality of masks, isolation gowns and COVID-19 test kits made in China has been criticized by Malaysia, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom and other countries. US President Trump has criticized the improper handling of China and WHO because of the increase in the spread of coronavirus in the United States and the number of deaths. So China and the WHO Secretariat begin to criticized that Taiwan ’s strategies of handling the Coronavirus crises are lousy both at the same time “coincidentally’. With the development of coronavirus outbreaks in various parts of the world and the effective control of the Taiwan outbreak, in addition to suppressing Taiwan ’s international status, China is also discrediting Taiwan ’s humanitarian assistance to the world. China, such a one trick pony. Taiwan does not need to dance with it. However, there are a few issues. Taiwan ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mainland Affairs Council and the Ministry of Health and Welfare must prepare in advance:

  1.  The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China issued a notice on the 9th through the official website that the comprehensive cross-strait epidemic prevention and control and the current status of cross-strait relations will suspend graduates from mainland China and colleges and universities from studying in Taiwan in 2020; of course, We certainly hold a welcoming position for Chinese students to come to Taiwan. So that the students of China can feel the environment of democracy, freedom and human rights, but can the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and the National Security departments of Taiwan Government really be able to deal with the vocational students and intelligence officer involved? Students and Travelers from China are just a chess piece, who in line with China’s national policies and interests, to the Communist Party of China. It is necessary for us to say that we want university autonomy, but when Chinese students and the Communist Party members come visit, the flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) is put away; teachers are required not to criticize the system of China when teaching, and even the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of China can directly send a request to ask Taiwan’s universities what not to do and those words that cannot be said! Should we continue to help these universities open the door to the united front and manipulation of the CCP? Why did the MAC not take advantage of this opportunity, and announced on an equal basis that it would suspend the enrollment of students from China unless the China epidemic situation and cross-strait relations are greatly improved? Wait for the two sides to renegotiate the rules of the game, and then re-enrollment the Chinese students to Taiwan with equal dignity.
  2. The epidemic prevention work in Taiwan, with the joint efforts of the people and the government, is done well so far, and international humanitarian assistance is also provided. We believe that most of the people in Taiwan will agree the government hold on doing these helping things. Although it is not known whether the 2020 WHO annual conference will invite Taiwan to participate or not? But for how the Taiwanese government should integrate international friendly forces, the WHO Secretariat is required to allow Taiwanese representatives to participate in the World Health Assembly (WHA). The current situation is under pressure in China. Does Taiwan have the opportunity to participate in international events?

If WHO does not agree to Taiwan ’s participation in the WHA annual meeting, who can ask the WHO Secretariat to issue an invitation letter? Currently only the WHO members of the Executive Board. The Executive Board is composed of 34 individuals technically qualified in the field of health, each one designated by a Member State that has been elected to serve by the World Health Assembly. If Taiwan expects more than half of the members of the Executive Board to support us to restore our observer status and be invited to attend the World Health Assembly, Taiwan needs at least 18 votes. The following is the list of 34  The Executive Board Member States :

AfricaAmerica  Southeast Asia
1.貝南 (2017-2020) Benin 2.布吉納法索 (2019-2022) Burkina Faso 3.史瓦帝尼 (2017-2020) Swatini 4.加彭 (2018-2021) Gabon 5.肯亞 (2019-2022) Kenya 6.坦尚尼亞(2017-2020) Tanzania 7.尚比亞 (2017-2020) Zambia8.阿根廷 (2019-2022) Argentina 9.巴西 (2017-2020) Brazil 10.智利 (2018-2021) Chile 11.格瑞納達 (2019-2022) Grenada 12.蓋亞那 (2019-2022) Guyana                                              13.美國 (2018-2021) United States of America        14.孟加拉 (2019-2022) Bangladesh 15.印尼 (2018-2021) Indonesia 16.斯里蘭卡 (2017-2020) Sri Lanka  
17.奧地利 (2019-2022) Austria 18.芬蘭 (2018-2021) Finland                                              19.喬治亞 (2017-2020) Georgia 20.德國 (2018-2021) Germany 21.以色列 (2018-2021) Israel 22.義大利 (2017-2020) Italy 23.羅馬尼亞 (2018-2021) Romania 24.塔吉克 (2019-2022) Tajik25.吉布地 (2018-2021) Djibouti 26.伊拉克 (2017-2020) Iraq 27.蘇丹 (2018-2021) Sudan 28.突尼西亞 (2019-2022) Tunisia 29.阿拉伯聯合大公國 (2019-2022) United Arab Emirates  Pacific 30.澳大利亞 (2018-2021) Australia 31.中國 (2018-2021) China 32.日本 (2017-2020) Japan 33.新加坡 (2019-2022) Singapore 34.東加 (2019-2022) Tonga
▲The list of 34  The Executive Board Member States

As we know, US an China are the members of the WHO in Executive Board, the US and China have only one vote. May we ask Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Welfare, who are these key 18 votes required by Taiwan? Taiwan needs the support of 18 member states of the Executive Board, We believe Taiwan still has much to do.

Taiwan Lily Justice Association recommends the President and the Executive Yuan: Because of time constraints, we hope that the relevant ministries will actively seek the support of the other 18 countries, and do not indulge in the illusory “advance deployment”!

Taiwan Go! Go! Go!

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